Monday, April 26, 2010

The Dark Side Of My Life

1. Everybody made mistakes in their life. Nobody was perfect, and I used to live in very dark world for quite number of years.

2. I was born somewhere in Penang and was raised together with the low income community at the low cost flats. We're exposed to the rock, blues and reggae music and admired the wild culture such as hippis, rockers, rasta and others.

3. I began to smoke cigarette when I was 14, a year after that I started using Marijuana (known as ganja). After I completed my STPM, most of my close buddies began to take heroin, although we knew that was the very dangerous stuff.

4. I didn’t mean want to blame others, but the most reason we turn to junkies was the stuff was mounting and everywhere, beside affordable for anyone who wished to get it.

5. My father began to worry and advised me to stay away from my friends, but that’s not going to work because they’re my friends since I was a small kid.

6. A few years later, I‘d been offered for the teaching’s college enrolment. That’s mean that I am going to be a teacher BUT my relation with my friends were still on.

7. The situation got worst when my younger brother joins the party and when I returned home, I didn’t have to go out for the stuff.

8. One day, the police raided my house when I was with my brother at home (during school holiday) and the officer beat my brother in the house and I protested his action. As a result, the police brought me to the police station for the urine test(my brother was charged with having the drugs). My urine was positive and I was sent to rehabilitation centre.


  1. It's not easy to actually share your dark side openly as we still live in a community who only likes to judge and criticise. I salute you for the courage to share your story with people.
    But what happened next? how do you get out? what got you to where you are now? Please share.

  2. I'll tell in my next post.My intention is just to encourage the society to understand and give the opportunity to those who wish to return back in the society.