Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clear The Muds, Please!

  1. As the world, Najib Tun Razak took the premiership after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stepped down a year ago.
  2. Abdullah was to be blamed for his weakness which led the poor reputation in the 12th General Election, mounts of pressured were put on him to resign included by the previously premier, Dr. Mahathir.
  3. During his term as the second man, Najib was linked to the brutally murder of the Mongolian beauty who used to be a translator on the submarine dealt between Malaysian Government and French company. There were numbers of statuary declaration which either linked Najib or his wife,Rosmah Mansor in that case.
  4. While he was in the Ministry of Defense, there were also number of scandals that still not resolve.
  5. He was also the man behind the screen on Anwar's case(Whether YES or NO), I don't know the answer!
  6. The whole world knew about this and they're keep talking about this, but Najib as the PM is not doing enough to clear the haze.
  7. Come on Najib, you're the top man, how could you do Malaysian like this. If you unable to clear your name, than step down, do not put Malaysia under the category of the unstable country, just what happened in Hong Kong recently.
  8. You're more concern about opposition's threats rather than the nation's development, foreign investor are distancing themselves from this country, but you're going to the wrong directions.
  9. Hiring APCO and met Obama are not enough man! Reform the judiciary system and reduce the corruption are the best thing to do.
  10. Clear your name internationally in the proper method because you're the PM now and sworn in the mosque was not a good idea because you're embarrassing the religion.

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