Sunday, April 25, 2010

Could We Achieve Vision 2020?

  1. Vision 2020 was introduced by Dr. Mahathir, the ex-PM of Malaysia in 1990. The vision was about to develop Malaysia within 30 years to be recognized as a developed nation.
  2. 20 years had passed and Malaysian have only 10 years to go to make the vision's dream comes true.
  3. As far as I know, in order to achieve the status of developed nation, it is including the standard of living, the way of the people's thinking or mentality, the attitude or behavior of the people, the efficiency of public service, the number of skillful human resources, the standard of facilities in the nation and other criteria that the world's recognition as a developed nation.
  4. Even the facilities had been improved, such as roads, highways, airports, the number of high rise buildings BUT the world will also look in other aspects especially the human development in order to recognize Malaysia as a developed country.
  5. Many Malaysian still throw the rubbishes where ever they like, park their vehicles where ever they want, refused to flush the toilet the when they were using it. The drug addicts are everywhere and the new addicts are increasing rapidly. The phenomenon led to the seriously high criminal rate on the streets.
  6. The judiciary system in Malaysia still can't be trusted by the world and the enforcement team, such as police and anti-bribery agency are not doing their job professorially.
  7. News in the media still controlled by the government and people from different ethnics still live under their own group just like the era of British colonial.
  8. Malaysia is still far behind and the vision of 2020 could the myth. The development should be focused equally between physical's development and human's development.

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