Tuesday, September 21, 2010


  1. The police seem lose control against serious criminal in Malaysia, and it was really unbelievable such crime happened in the country which was once popularly as the moderate and harmony nation with the people known as polite and full of mankind.
  2. Terrorism, sadism, extremism and brutality were totally have been rejected by our people before. Communism was rejected and condemned because of their terrorism activities because the people had against the cruelty and decided to live in harmony and peacefully.
  3. However, the unequally development had lead to the unexpected madness actions of crime. Started by the Mona Fandey case in 1994 when the 'datuk' had been buried after cut into 18 slices.
  4. The poor little Nurin Jazlin's dead body was found in the sporty bag with the unexpected injuries and the missing cute Sharlinie still could not been traced.
  5. The nation also was also really shocked when the c4 exploded the dead body of Altantuya Shaaribu after she had been murder. The Mongolian's girl case was already over when the two policemen became the scapegoat in order to protect the VVIPs in this country. The trial was claimed by the international experts as far from the justice which in the other form of word is "bias", because the masterminds of the crime had been released and some of them not even call as the witnesses and the unfortunate two policemen found guilty and were sentence hang to death even they had no motive to link them with the murder.
  6. Recently, the disappearance of Datuk Sosilawati and three men is shocking the country again, when they were believed had been detained, beaten, tortured, murdered and burnt turn to ash and threw into the river. The major suspect was a lawyer whose considered as the educated guy with no sign of evil on his face. It was really out of the wise mind that this type of people dare to do the unbelievable crime and what I am really worry and concern is this kind of people are exist in our country because the victim could be happened to anyone in the future.
  7. I am a family man and I have a daughter and a wife. When Nurin Jazlin was killed and the missing Sharlinie, there were voices did blame the parents for let the kids went out without the guardians. I just want to ask the lady minister, when she was young, did she go out alone or her parents always accompany her where ever she go? I don't think her parents willing to do as what her advises to parents when she became minister.
  8. Sometimes I asked myself, does this country really in peace and free as said by the ministers when they deliver speeches on the independence's day?
  9. Actually, the leaders should be blamed for what happened and they are responsible because they are more concern about the safety of their political power than the safety of the Malaysian citizens.
  10. I'm not making the wild accusation about this. As the prove, they are using the police force for their own benefits, all police commandos are their bodyguards, they are using the the police's skills to protect their political interest rather than the safety of the people. We always hear that the police are short of personnel, but actually, the manpower in the force is enough, the problem is the strength have been misused by the leaders in this country.
  11. The other thing that I'm quit concern about the murder of Datuk Sosilawati and the three is the main suspect could release by refer to the previous case of Altantuya when the court released and freed the main suspect.