Tuesday, April 13, 2010


  1. According to historians, early civilizations in the world existed at Mesopotamia, Nile Valley(Egypt), Indus Valley(India) and Hwang Ho Valley (China).
  2. Mesopotamia included Babylon was the place that Prophet Ibrahim was born and started his mission called the people to worship one God(Allah), and he was thrown into blaze of fire by King Namrud (ruler of Babylon), however he was saved by Allah.
  3. In Egypt, the Pharaoh (Fir'aun) was the king and treated the sons of Israel badly, and Prophet Moses (Musa) led them out of Egypt through the magical journey on the Red Sea towards the land of Kana'an( Promised Land)
  4. Both stories, were stated in the Quran which the Muslim believe the words of God, and based on what were found by the conventional historians about the early civilizations in Babylon (Mesopotamia) and Egypt (Nile Valley), how could we dismissed Quran as the words of God.
  5. Quran was revealed around more than 1 400 years ago, and during that time it was impossible for the human mind could created such types of facts. It was impossible that Prophet Muhammad could created the Quran which were full of facts and knowledge by his own with the limited facilities during the era of jahilliyah.
  6. Therefore, Quran should be the most useful sources in all aspects of life, including to run the nation. For those who reject Quran as the main source could be consider the most stupid person especially those who were born as a Muslim.

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