Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Dark Side Of My Life (2)

  1. Drug addiction had became the serious problem for this country for such a long period of time.
  2. Even the death penalty implemented since Dr Mahathir took over the premiership in the early 80-s, the number of new addict had increased rapidly and the the penal code of 39B seems nothing to the drug dealers, and the situation is getting worst because of the corruption practice.
  3. The hike of drug addictions led to the high rates of street's crimes such as snatching, house breaking, car or motorcycle's theft and others. Those are the easy ways to earn the instant cash because they need around RM50 to RM100 per day to spend on drug such as heroin.
  4. As a result, the society hates the junkies and some of them will never accept or forgive and reject them forever.
  5. Actually, the drugs have the power to transform the attitudes of the addicts, for examples from the honest turn to dishonest; and from tell the truth turn to a liar.
  6. The drugs abused is a social illness but they were treated as criminal. The real crimes are the corruption's practice that led to rise the production of the drugs, the power abuses while enforcing the law involving the drugs.
  7. We always hear the debates about drugs abuse or addiction's problem among the society and most of them put the major blame on the addicts themselves or their parents. We seldom hear the question on how the drugs are easily produced in this country or why the death penalty unable to stop the drugs syndicate run their business here.
  8. Nobody dares to ask the police reputations on drugs and the police ability in order to stop or at least reduce the rates.Nobody dares to ask the major causation that led to the rapidly hike the number of drug abuse. Most of the society members looked the junkies as pariah(maybe none of their family member involved in drugs).
  9. I was considered one of the luckiest person in the world; after I'd been released from rehab, the God still keep the fortune(rezeki) of mine, as I've been called to continue the teaching career, even though faced the action by Disciplinary Board (Lembaga Tatatertib), the Ministry of Education, and I was one from thousands addicts in the civil services that was not terminated from the service. As far as I know, the drugs convicted will not be accepted either in the government or the private sectors.
  10. I wonder how could the treatment be effective if the ex-addicts had been rejected by every one.


  1. nice post.. everyone should have given space to make his / her new life even who they are...

  2. entri yang menarik...tapi aku kena mintak abg google terjemah..