Sunday, July 11, 2010

Civic Minded Problem

  1. The above scenery was at the jogging track in Taiping Lake Garden. Actually the pedestrian is prohibited to all motor vehicles and there are concrete hurdle objects built to prevent the motor vehicles to enter the track.
  2. As you can see in the picture there are number of vehicles on the track, and I really wonder how could the cars passed inside the pedestrian, because there are concrete hurdles were built on both sides of entrance.
  3. I believe that the above situation was happened everywhere. That is the attitude of the sizable number of Malaysian who seem hardcore to obey the simple rules.
  4. What is I'm really concern is the safety of the walkers who are deserve to use the facility. As what I saw, some of the motorcyclists were riding dangerously. They seem didn't give a damn shit about the safety of others. They are young riders and known as Mat Rempit are misusing the facility, besides dangering innocent people.
  5. For your knowledge, the lady and the little girl in the picture are my wife and daughter, and if something happens to them, as example hit by the motorcycle, of course I will kill the rider on the spot.
  6. So, before anything bad happen, I'm pleading the authority to enforce the law as in order. Malaysian need to be taught lessons through law enforcement and should be done strictly.

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  1. 'Civic minded', is it in our dictionary? I guess most of us had never used the word, let alone understand them. But this is a sad fact. No matter how we keep talking and highlighting this matter, it is like talking to a four walls around you and the words couldn't go out and keep bouncing back to you.
    But I do applaud our DJ's in Mix FM, who constantly reminding us on being a civic person thru their community service messages.They remind us not to double park, not to stand in a way with your shopping cart in a supermarket, not to be proud, to keep time, and hell of a lot more. They try hard conveying these messages to all radio listeners by making it so interesting thru their stupid songs, but it sure as hell got thru my head. I'm pretty sure many heard the messages too, but how many actually listens? And these are little things we don't do but can make a lot of difference to ourselves and others. And the saddest thing of all, these messages are to teach us, the ADULT.